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Do not pick the wildflowers

Remember, please don't pick a wildflower - leave it for nature and others to enjoy. This also helps the wildflowers return each year. Thank you for respecting nature. Wildflower Ethics


Welcome to my photography of wildflowers and nature. To start - choose view images.

Use my site for identification of wildflowers, armchair botanizing, gardening ideas, exploring nature’s beauty.... You’ll see over 4,040 pictures identified to 112 plant families as well as when and where the photographs were taken.

Maintaining my database of wildflower photographs is ongoing. Wildflower photography is a dynamic profession with each change of season bringing opportunities to photograph more wildflowers. New wildflower species are added. Old friends--wildflower species already in the database--pose in new and interesting ways that beg to be photographed and added to the pictures of wildflowers already there. Identifying a wildflower is also dynamic in that botanical names of wildflowers do at times shift according to the dictates of the taxonomic community.

Wildflowers bring color, joy and union with all pervading intelligence. In sharing my passion for wildflowers I hope you are encouraged to take a closer look at these wonders of nature. May my photography inspire you to care for these delicate beauties and help preserve them for future generations. Discover enchanting meadows filled with wildflowers and the closeness to heaven they bring. Shy beauties must be sought out, look closely. To help identify wildflowers take along my award winning companion field guide Wildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country & North Coast Ranges.

Relax with my video of beautiful wildflowers.

Reny in the fieldReny in the field
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